It is often said that there are few things you cannot do with London high class escorts. In my experience, this is pretty much true. You can have fun in just about any way you like. If you just fancy some company on a trip to Blackpool, you can hire a high class escort. If you need someone to accompany you at any kind of party, you can hire an escort. Even if you want to stop your parents from moaning that you need a girlfriend, you can hire an escort.

Real London high class escorts are impressively beautiful and intelligent. They can help you with just about anything. But, sometimes you don’t want to do something out of the ordinary. Sometimes, you just want to take an extremely beautiful woman out, have a few drinks with her and see where things may lead. Sometimes, these are the best kind of bookings. If this is what you’d like to do, but don’t know any good bars in London, you are at the right place. First of all, there are scores of decent venues in the city, second, I am actually here to tell you some of my favourites. Check out the venues below if you want to learn about some top bars for you and your high class escorts in London.


Best bars for you and high class escorts in London


The Radio Rooftop Bar is my favourite venue at the moment. As its name suggests, it’s located on a high rooftop, making it the ideal place if you want to enjoy a nice view of the city with your escorts. The panoramic view is just to die for, and it can set the mood for you and your escort to get a little naughty with each other (or a whole lot of naughty) later. You can enjoy a wide array of drinks here and they also serve pretty good food if you’re hungry. But, the main reason why I absolutely adore this bar is what lies beneath it. The rooftop that serves as its floor belongs to the ME Hotel. So, if you and the London high class escorts of your choice get in the mood, you can get a room almost immediately.

Another bar that I really enjoy is the Callooh Callay. It’s a very nice cocktail bar on Rivington St and I find it ideal when I go out with top class escorts. The lights are dim, the music is good and the drinks are great. Its location makes it ideal, as it is very close to several really good hotels. And as I mentioned before, this can be quite important.


Anyway, these are my two favourite bars in the city. Definitely check them out if you need somewhere nice to spend some time with London high class escorts.

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If you’ve tried looking for high end escorts in London in recent years, you have probably found out that there are many super E. European girls to keep you company. In my humble opinion, most of these girls are more beautiful than just about any British female escort and definitely much hotter than ANY of those slags you see getting messed up in clubs. They are like a breath of fresh air and I honestly think the London escorting scene would be MUCH poorer without them. Even though they’re not from too far away, they still present an exotic charm for me and they’re among my favourite high end escorts. But which of them are actually the best? I have absolutely no idea, but I can surely tell you about 3 of my favourites. (more…)

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Many men these days have planned to improve their proficiency in the foreplay techniques and apply distinctive yet valuable foreplay approaches hereafter. This is because how happy foreplay leads to the most colorful intercourse beyond doubts.  Even though some teenagers misunderstand that foreplay as wasted time, they are keen to experience the overall physical and mental pleasure from the foreplay with the sex partner. It is the right time to enjoy every aspect of the adult sex life and decide on how to make dreams about the sexual fun come true. The precoital massage is the best option for everyone who has decided to please her by a seductive message from upper thighs to her ankles. A good massage does not fail to assist her to get rid of stress, feel the peace of mind and get sexually aroused as soon as possible.

Every woman expects something special during the sex. You can feel free to ask your partner about what she likes and how she gets ready for the most enjoyable adult fun.  All women wish to please their partner as maximum as possible after they notice how hard their sex partner works to please them in all aspects. You have to improve the overall quality of the foreplay instead of the quantity. Sex therapists throughout the world make certain that all teenagers and adults have a crush on spicy sex for less than an hour instead of boring foreplay and usual intercourse for more than a couple of hours. You can kiss her butt, stroke her calves, play with tits and do everything you wish soon after she enters the bedroom. However, you have to be sure that she likes and seeks the same. Do not forget to make positive changes and regular improvements in the foreplay when you expect a remarkable sex life.

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